There are no limits to what we can make at The Solution House and our wide range of machinery means we can produce… well, anything. From wood to metal, fabric to acrylic and even glass, we work with all materials to create the perfect anything.

Large format print

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we’ll use our experience and innovative nature to create a bespoke solution specifically for you. And by using our very own advanced in-house printing facilities, we have the ability to meet any deadline.


A powerful display is what it takes to stand out from the crowd, to grab the attention of others and create a shift in a person’s mind. We can install bespoke solutions that do just that for retail window displays, visual merchandising, point of sale and much more.


At The Solution House, our priority is to make every millimetre of space within an exhibition count. We believe you don’t need the largest stand to pack the biggest punch and as one of our strongest disciplines, we can create displays of all kinds to capture the attention of crowds.

“Retailers respect and trust our proven ability to take ownership of the problems and solve them with panache. Agencies love being able to pull in on-site production expertise as and when they need it, with no-fixed overhead.”

Debbie Day | The Solution House


The SEAL® Image 80 Pro is a highly versatile 80" wide format roll laminator capable of mounting, laminating and encapsulating. With fully adjustable temperature, speed and pressure settings, the Image 80 Pro accommodates a variety of substrates and generates high process speeds.

SEAL® Image 80 Pro

The Mimaki TS34-1800 is designed specifically for the sublimation transfer market with high speed and quality in mind. Sublimation transfer printing is widely utilised for sportswear applications due to the elasticity and quick-drying capability of polyester material and for soft signage applications, such as flags, retail in-store banners and tapestries.

Mimaki TS34-1800

JV300 Series is a versatile, high-quality production printer setting a new bench mark for professional wide format printers. This delivers stunning photo quality prints, the ultimate wide format solution for sign & graphics professionals, sportswear and fashion manufacturers, print shops and more.

JV300 Series

The SwissQprint offers incredible print quality at a fast speed. It is Swiss developed and engineered including control and software. It has the ability to print on practically anything flat from wood, plastic, vinyls to glass and metal. Quite a piece of kit.

SwissQprint Nyala 3 Flatbed printer

Zund Digital Cutter G3XXL 3.2 with unloading extension for extra productivity. An unsurpassed cut quality with an ability to work with a vast variety of product.

Zund Digital Cutter

Zund Digital Cutter G3 3xl-3200 excels in delivering both exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality. This is suited for all graphics, packaging, leather, textiles & composite project. It can work with the following materials among many others – aluminium, vinyls, rubber, wood, twin wall sheets, carton, plastics, leather, paper, foam, textiles, composite materials & corrugated cardboard.

Zund Digital Cutter G3 3xl-3200